Friday, October 20, 2006

"The Sammy Terry 10th Anniversary Special" (1972)

"Nightmare Theatre"
WTTV 4, Indianapolis,

Nightmare Theatre Opening (early to mid '60's)
As remembered by Joe Busam

Begin with the exterior of an old deserted house. . .dissolve to the interior and the mantle with a dismembered head laying on the mantle. . .dissolve to a shot of another dismembered head, this one being held by the hair in closeup. . .dissolve to a wide shot of a man hanging upside down, swaying back and forth. Jump cut to a close up of his face, (this character appeared to be a piece of artwork; the others were all dummy heads) his eyes open wide and looking side to side as a creepy voice echoed: "Night....mare...." and the title would dissolve over the shot.

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