Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Stunt Rock" Trailer/Sorcery Concert Footage (1978)

As many of you may already know, SORCERY'S first big break came when they were signed to appear in and do the sound track for the motion picture "Stunt Rock" in 1978. Having been together less than a year this was a great opportunity for them to show their stuff, and they made good use of it! The movie itself features LOTS of great Sorcery concert footage from the early "magic" days, when their stage show made people like KISS jealous! And the soundtrack for the movie is just as stunning, with some of the BEST 70's hard rock that ever came out of that era

Much of the filming of "STUNTROCK" was shot in Hollywood, California . That location would allow for the soundtrack to be recorded at the Warner Brothers "Burbank studios", just over the hill from Hollywood, thereby giving the band the time they would need to get to the filming of the picture, (at the MGM studio's in Culver City, California) in the early morning hours, a 6am call to film their parts and then to the Burbank studio's in the late afternoon to record the soundtrack . Those were the 12 hour recording sessions from 5pm to 5am.! The tracks were done in studios "A", for recording the basic tracks, and"B" for the overdubs.

The motion picture was originally placed with "ALLIED ARTIST" for distribution in America and Canada, other distributors around the world would have the remaining 56 countries for release. Three months prior to release date of STUNTROCK, "Allied" files for bankruptcy and the U.S and Canadian release dates were pushed back 6 months. The rest of the world got their first look at the band Sorcery that summer of 78' and the producers quickly secured a new distribution deal and released STUNTROCK. In the U.S. market, the picture is re-released in 1980, with one minor change. The picture is now titled "SORCERY" after the band! Their is also a "Stuntrock" video available at the same time!!! The original "STUNTROCK" sound track album, and the "fold-out" double album (LP) in Europe, were followed up with a promo copy of selected tracks from the motion picture. The entire soundtrack was released in a number of countries including, Holland , Australia and the United States first. There is a promotional 12" picture disc (very rare) that was made for the movie with 3 Sorcery songs on each side . The "STUNTROCK" soundtrack albums, and CD.'s began to reappear in the mid 90's as the motion picture was re-released .