Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Everybody's Toast Book (1851)

I have picked 50 toasts from the 1851 published "Every Body's Toast Book and Convival Compainon" as a kick-off for the 4th of July Independence Day Celebration which is one week from today. When you celebrate the 230th Birthday of the United States next Tuesday you could pick one of the following to say before you imbibe with fellow countymen. The book is filled with hundreds so if you own a copy you have the freedom to pick one not on my list or if you have the creative inspiration to do so you can make up your own toast to the health of the Nation.

1. May he who has neither a wife, home, nor estate in America, never have a share in the
government of it.

2. May reverence for the laws ever predominate in the hearts of the American people.

3. May the American Congress ever have wisdom to plan our institutions, and energy and firmness to support them.

4. May politics never corrupt American manners.

5. May our love for our country extend with its boundaries.

6. May the cry of war no more be heard upon our native shore.

7. May American valor shine when every other light is out.

8. May the hospitable hearts of the American people never be seduced from their attachment to the glorious and model Constitution of the United States.

9. May every American at honor's call, spring forth to meet his country's foes.

10. May liberty flourish forever.

11. A toast to America, the land of the brave, where freedom inhabits, and commerce still smiles.

12. A cobweb pair of breeches, a porcupine saddle, a hard trotting horse, and a long journey to the enemies of our country.

13. American virtue; may it always find a protector, but never need one.

14. A health to our American patriots.

15. The American navy,- the pride of the sea.

16. All the Charitable institutions of America.

17. An American's birth-right,—trial by jury.

18. An American's castle: his house, may it stand forever.

19. American produce:—may it never exceed its consumption.

20. America's toast: lovely woman and brave men.

21. America, and may the land of our nativity be ever the abode of freemen, and the birthplace
of heroes.

22. America's rights, and may they never be invaded by foreigners.

23. Success to the farmers of America, and may they always gather a golden harvest.

24. Health to our President, prosperity to the people, and may Congress direct their endeavors to the public good, rather than engage in party distinctions!

25. Here's a health to our nation, conversion to our enemies, and he that will not pledge her health, I wish him neither wit nor wealth, nor yet a rope to hang himself.

26. Long live the President that seeks the nation's love.

27. Liberty, may it never degenerate into licentiousness.

28. Labor’s true reward to every American; content and pleasure.

29. Manual Labor—the stepping stone to virtue, health, happiness, and independence.

30. May the rising generation imitate the virtues of our forefathers.

31. May our sons be honest and brave, and our daughters modest and fair.

32. May those who would revel in the ruin of America or her daughters, dance in a hempen neck cloth.

33. Short sessions to Congress, and unbiased legislation.

34. May our country always be the casket of science, commerce, learning and art.

35. May Americans ever be opposed to the union of church and state.

36. May Americans never suffer invasion, nor invade the rights of others.

37. May America, like a tennis ball rebound, the harder she is struck.

38. May none but native-born freemen ever help to rule, or help to make rulers.

39. May the enemies of America be destitute of beef and claret.

40. May the health of our President keep pace with the wishes of the people.

41. May every future President of the United States possess the virtues of Washington.

42. May all our States united forever, be one nation, one people, the brave and the free.

43. The American press,—the grand palladium of liberty,—may it ever be unshackled and

44. May the fruits of America's soil never be denied to her children.

45. May the army and navy of America always be successful in a good cause, and never be engaged in a bad one.

46. The American Volunteer—May he never rise in anger, nor lie down in fear.

47. Grog, grub, and glory to every tar that fights beneath the Star-Spangled Banner.

48. Office Hunters—May they find the doors closed, and the people thumbing their noses at their window.

49. The Bible, the Constitution, and the Ballot-Box—the political trinity of Freemen.

50. Disappointment to all who form expectations of office on the ruin of their country.

The American Flag as it was in 1851.

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