Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Django (1966) & Django 2: Il Grande Ritorno (1987) Trailers

Django (1966) Directed by Sergio Corbucci

Originally banned in Britain for its comic-strip iconoclasm and graphic violence, this rates alongside Leone's 'Dollars' trilogy as one of the daddies of the spaghetti/paella Western. Nero's mud-spattered ex-Yankee soldier, first seen squelching towards a US-Mexican border ghost town, a coffin forever in tow, has every Western hero's quality in extremis. His speed-of-light gunslinger outlaw has a romantic heart - his wife was killed by one of Major Jackson's henchmen. Corbucci's style is a mix of social realism, highly decorative visuals, and finely mounted action sequences. For the rest, there are enough mud-wrestling prostitutes, whippings, ear-loppings, explosions and scenes of wholesale slaughter to keep any muchacho happy.

Django 2: Il Grande Ritorno (1987) Directed by Ted Archer

In Django Strikes Again, the only official sequel of Corbucci's famous film, Franco Nero returns as Django who, now a sign of the times, resembles a cross between Keoma and Rambo more than the original Django. Shot entirely in Colombia and inspired by various genres, the result is a rather strange mixture, a sort of bad B-movie somewhere between a western, war and art house film.

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